Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rue of Thirds

In this project, it was challenging at first. After i got the hang of it, i realized that images pop out more and focus more on the corner to corner objects. It makes the images very dynamic.  I though that this project was very interesting. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Blast From The Past: Mid-High School

Ahhh Highschool, The glory days of life... well so i thought. After finishing middle school and entered high school i realized that there was so much more to do, to accomplish. Besides the fact that i was piled up with homework, i also grew the passion to go out into the world, and see things, discover new things, like the first time i saw snow in Yosemite. My favorite class became science instead of english. i became tired of all the reading. Science, biology, evolution, human cell anatomy, and chemistry seemed more interesting than i thought. I also got even better experiences. I also started to change in in the little things too, like i was more of a cat person before now i have a thing for dogs. I also changed being a basketball, now i like soccer. There are alot of changes that happened in my life, and some were good and some were bad, but all those changes really made me, and who i am. 

Blast From The Past: Middle School

Now as a middle schooler i started to change my ideas, and my imagination grew bigger. i felt the need to explore and go places. i became more mature and knew there were better and brighter things in life. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blast From The Past: elementary

Elementary school, was my highlight. things started to change and i grew this passion to start changing the things i liked, because i knew that there were better and cooler things out there than what i was playing with as a toddler.  I started to discover myself, and what i wanted. Collecting cards, and surfing, watching T.V and taking Karate... those were the things i was passionate about as a kid. 

Blast From The Past: Toddler

Being a kid was fun, there was so much to do and so much to explore. I wasn't a spoiled kid, but i always asked for things, whether it was barbies or the new skechers light up shoes. I was a crazy little kid, who couldn't make up my mind, so heres a few things i remember from the past! 

Thursday, March 31, 2011

TeAm Celebration

Kenna is a great photographer with a great amount of self expression. In her first few posts, it wasn't clear what she was focusing on, and what she wanted the viewer to see through her images. As she progressed, taking more photos and post, she got the hang of the photography life style. She always likes to try new things, and is always trying to find the best of her images. 

Iris is really good at letting her creativity lead the way in photography. her self expression shows in her images, which makes the image come out so distinguished. One of her really accomplished works was the "creating a story" piece. She did a brilliant job, on creating  several stories with toys. 

Thayer is a wonderful photographer with a lot of creativity and self expression. she does a great job at taking random images of the city and transforming them into interesting new objects. Well done Thayer!

Vlad shows a different side of the photography world. Vlad is a great editor, he can transform any simple image and can keep the viewers guessing. He is very good at taking depth images. one of his best series was his city scape. He did a great job at using his self expression skills to make his images very interesting. 

Lucas is incredible in his work, he does an amazing job, editing his pieces and brings this rural look to all of him images. One of his greatest series that Lucas did, was his OP art. He can transform any simple image, and create this whole other world, of photography. His style shows a lot of self expression which makes all of his images phenomenal.

Eric has his own creative style in editing his images.  One of is greatest pieces of his photography is his OP Art. He did an amazing job at editing in his own way that made the images come to life. 

Kendall is very precise in her images. she is great a using her imagination and knows what she wants. One of her best photography series was her Flower series. it showed a lot of depth and skill, in the different angles and sides that the photo showed. 

Deana is very creative. each image shows he own style of personality and self expression. One of best series was her portrait series of kate. she showed the essence of the model, and who the model is as her self.  Well done Deana.